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    Greetings! We’re on a cruise and, yesterday, were docked at Haifa for just a few hours. We took the train into Tel Aviv for the express purpose of having lunch at Abraxas North. It was well worth the trip! The food, the ambiance and the service were just great! One quick question (so that we can reproduce it at home): in the middle of our meal, our terrific waiter decided that it was time for everyone to do shots!! He made this great concoction of tequila, Campari and lemon juice!! It was AWESOME!! But can somebody please tell us the proportions of the ingredients so that we can get it right?? Thanks so much and we look forward to our next visit to Tel Aviv and to Abraxas North!!

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    Hi Francesca,
    The phone number is in the details section of this page. Here it is again: +972-3-516-6660

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    I will be in tel Aviv the secondo weekend of July, how can I book a table for two on Friday 8th of July at Abraxas?

    Please let me konw

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    I need one table for 4 people at 20h30.21h00
    Name Benayoun


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