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    Worst service & violent behavior
    They treat the customers shitty, are disrespectful and use violence. They pushed our friend. The place called the social media, used their force and let them delete of many people’s comments who wrote badly about this restaurant. Shame on you Calypso – you don’t even know how to APOLOGIZE..

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    terrible food, worst service ever…the owner tries to delete all the bad reviews..hope he wont succeed on this one. One waiter pushed my friend literally. They didnt want to let us sit unless we paid more than 100 shekels pero person.

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    How fair is that a restaurant manager saying to a customer that “next time go to another restaurant” upon not receiving expected service charge?

    This happened to us today, 26/06/2018, at Calypso restaurant, Tel Aviv. As per customer discretion, we paid 5% service charge as we felt the service was not satisfactory, and the manager had an audacity to say that “next time go to another restaurant” instead of trying to understand why service was not satisfactory. This is unacceptable! They have no clue about customer service!

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    Terrible food, terrible service, poor quality & miserable portions. Definitely not recommended.

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    One of the few places in TLV that stick to a minimum order per person when trying to do a reservation … so high that you have to order three courses to go beyond .. good that TLV has much fairer options ..

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    Wow! Finally good food at the beach. Spot on telaveat


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