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    Very expensive, poor service and the food was very disappointing.

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    Popina is a pretentious restaurant, but the food is not prepared well enough to support their pretense. The menu is supposedly split up by cooking techniques, but it does not make sense at all since cocktails and deserts are also split up in these same techniques. Word of advice: even though it is not on the menu, they do serve a hamper of bread, but you need to know to ask. For some reason, about half of the dishes are their take on fast food items, such hamburgers, pizza, corn-dogs. You would be better off with the original fast food. The shrimp and scallop hamburger was lacking in any distinctive taste. The salmon sashimi was swimming in a pool of grainy bland almond soup or paste. The barre was tasteless and sitting on top of tiny pieces of tasteless broccoli and tasteless shimeji mushrooms. The duck breast was over-cooked and tough. The neighboring table had ordered the tasting menu — they were served many small plates of the same tasteless food. The wine menu is extensive, with many expensive bottles of wine, but served in simple glasses. These are symptoms of faux-fine-dining.


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