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    Delicious food and a unique authentic experience

  2. 1.0

    This place recycles salads from previously ordered dishes of previous visitors, seen it with my own eyes, salad plates cleaned, then poured back into big salad bowl and then back to new diners… horrible !!!! not to mention their dishes are often too dry, almost every Israeli I’ve met in tlv told me the owner is a hypocritical liar and a supporter of Palestine telling everyone who listens how Israelis stole their land from Palestinians when in fact it was Jewish land all along from the days of the bible. the last time, when Eurovision was in Israel, they went and celebrated with the delegation from Iceland, raising Palestinian flag, Google it, about the salads and the flag and the hate the owner has for the same Jews that made his business successful, final verdict = STAY AWAY FROM THIS ABYSMAL PLACE UNLESS U ENJOY EATING RECYCLED SALADS FROM PREVIOUS DINERS.

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    My visit to this restaurant was on 2018/10/8. One of the waiter who was serving my table came and took the half bread I was still eating from my plate and threw it to the basket, and took my plate and said “Bye bye”; the waiter showed no patience when I was considering what to order, bad temper when I tried to consider his recommendation of “hot mushrooms”. This is my first time feel severe humiliation but the troublemaker hasn’t realized his problem.

  4. 5.0

    I always bring people here when they’re visiting from abroad. Delicious food and a unique authentic experience


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