Too lazy to cook? Too lazy to get out of your PJs? Yes, let’s be honest, we have all been there.

The next time you want your evening to consist of a delicious delivery, tub of ice cream and a good movie, open up Tel Aveat’s go to delivery spots for a little inspiration!

Here is a list of our favourites, that should satisfy every craving:

Best For Pizza: Philippe


Phillipe is without a doubt the best pizza delivery in TLV. Yes, it is more expensive than your average Domino’s but boy is it worth it. The French chef knows how to get it right and the extensive topping options make it that much better.

Crispy but doughy, and simply delicious!

Tel Aveat Recommends

Hawaiienne (49/79 NIS)

Delivery Times

Sunday-Thursday: 17:00-00:30
Friday and Saturday: 12:00-00:30

Call +972 3 510 0904 for delivery (minimum order 50NIS)

Best For Sushi: Ze Sushi

Ze Sushi Delivery

With sushi restaurants all over the city, how can it be so hard to find good, fairly priced sushi? Well, Ze Sushi, you have won our hearts.

Ze is the best sushi delivery option in the city. The fish is fresh and they have great options for vegetarians.

Tel Aveat Recommends

Golden Ginza (46NIS), Sake Shu (34NIS), and Ramen Sumo (56NIS)

Delivery Times

Sunday-Saturday: 12:00-23:45

Call 1-700-708989 for delivery or order online here.

Best For Asian: Vong

Vong delivery Tel Aviv

Giraffe used to be our number one choice when it came to ordering Asian food. To this day we are major fans of the “Spicy Phillipine” dish, but for the same price, better quality food and something slightly less artificial tasting, we recommend Vong.

The quality of their produce is fresh, and they have a awesome vegan menu too!

Tel Aveat Recommends

Viet Coco with chicken (52NIS), Bo Rice (62NIS)- warning its VERY spicy!

Delivery Times

Sunday- Thursday: 11:30-23:30
Friday and Saturday: 12:00- 23:30

Call +972 3 633 7171 for delivery or order online here. 

Best For Burgers: Brasserie

Brasserie delivery Tel Aviv

If we are craving a succulent burger, we tend to call Brasserie. Consistency is the name of the game.

Their beef burger is always excellent- perfectly juicy and not too heavy. We recommend adding gouda cheese. It makes it that much better!

The burger comes in two sizes- 220g and 300g. Oh, and don’t forget to order a side of french fries!

Tel Aveat Recommends

American hamburger (58/68NIS) with gouda (66/72NIS)

Delivery Times

Sunday-Thursday: 12:00-00:45
Friday and Saturday: 13:00-00:45

Call +972 3 696 7111 for delivery or order online here

Best For Italian: Joya

Sweet potato ravioli

Pasta can sometimes be a tricky one when it comes to delivery, but Joya nails it! The pasta tastes just as good as it does in the restaurant.

The menu offers a great variation of salads, pizzas, pastas, meat and fish dishes so if you are a big group of people (all wanting different things) ordering Joya can be the perfect go-to delivery choice.

There are 3 branches one in Herzliya Pituach, Ramat HaHayal, and central Tel Aviv. Only the branches in Herzliya and Ramat HaHayal offer delivery.

Tel Aveat Recommends

Sweet potato ravioli (66NIS), House Salad with added chicken (54NIS)

Delivery Times

Herzliya Branch
Sunday- Thursday: 12:00-22:30

Call +972 9 956 6299 for delivery or order online here

Ramat HaHayal Branch
Sunday- Saturday:

Call +972 3 644 7031 for delivery or order online here

Best For Soup: Zuppa

Zuppa Delivery Tel Aviv

Now that the winter is here, nothing is more satisying than a big bowl of soup paired with a freshly baked bread roll. Zuppa makes fresh soups every day. Their menu is constantly changing so check it out on their website here.

Their Goulash beef soup is excellent- very rich and filling. They also serve a vegan pea and mint soup which is delicious.

There are 2 locations; one on Ibn Gabirol and the other on Ahad Ha’Am. All the deliveries come from the Ahad Ha’Am location.

Tel Aveat Recommends

Goulash beef soup (S: 29NIS/ M: 35NIS/ L:62NIS)

Delivery Times

Sunday-Thursday: 11:00-23:00
Saturday: 17:00-23:00

Call +972 3 459 8082 for delivery or order online here.

We would love to hear what your favourite delivery spots are. Please let us know in the comments section below 🙂


  1. Great article! Ordered from Joya last night- sweet potato ravioli was delicious! Thanks Tel Aveat

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