Chanukah has always been our favourite festival. Fried food and presents-yes please! As soon as we saw that the sufganiyot were back in the shop windows our fun began. Over the past month we have been tasting as many sufgnioyt as possible to provide you with a condensed list of the best doughnuts this city has to offer! Its been a great excuse to indulge in these deep-fried, jelly filled, puffs of goodness topped with that perfect powdered sugar.

So far these are our personal top 5 sufganiyot however we are still on the hunt for better! Please post below where you think the best are, and we will be sure to keep the list updated if we find something better. Here are this years Chanukah must-haves:



Movieing Movieing Movieing

This was our overall favourite. Not only was it on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but it was pretty much as perfect as doughnuts come. The dough was thick and rich, which gave it a brioche or cake like taste. They offer a small range of amazing flavours including a vegan option!

Price for a jam doughnut: 5 NIS
Options: Granola, Dulce de Leche, Strawberry Jam, Nougat and Vegan



Lehamim Lehamim Lehamim

As one of the best bakeries in Tel Aviv, it’s not surprising that their doughnut comes in at a close second. One bite in and the moist dough is sticking together and the jam is oozing out. This doughnut is also fairly light so you won’t be too full.. until you eat your second

Price for a jam doughnut: 7 NIS
Options: Strawberry Jam, Chocolate with Multicoloured Sprinkles, and Belgian Chocolate


La Bonne Patisserie

La bonne patisserie  La bonne patisserie La bonne patisserie

This french patisserie sells delightful fresh baked goods and sandwiches, as well as one of our favourite cups of coffee. This Chanukah their doughnuts are excellent. They have a nice variety of flavours, but not too many that it’s overwhelming. Of course, we went for the classic strawberry jam filled doughnut and it was, WOW. The jam itself is really fruity, not at all like those sweet artificial jams. It even had the little strawberry bits that give that nice touch of crunch. Warning- wear a bib! The jam gushes out.

Price for a jam doughnut:
Options: Strawberry Jam, Chocolate with Multicoloured Sprinkles, Vanilla, Pistachio, Dulce de Leche



Bakery Bakery

Of course the R2M group, who can’t seem to get anything wrong, make it on the list. These doughnuts are simple, classic, and gushing with deliciousness!

Price for a jam doughnut: 6 NIS
Options: Strawberry Jam, Salted Caramel, and plain


Taboon Ben Yehuda

Taboon Taboon Taboon

This one is a little random, but as neighbours, we have grown accustomed to their sambusac and baklava. On our hunt, we remembered that last year we really enjoyed their doughnuts too. We hurriedly returned to check if our memories had served us. We won’t say that they were gourmet, but they were huge and doughy just the way we like it. This is your choice if you’re looking for a cheaper option.

Price for a jam doughnut: 4 NIS
Options: Strawberry Jam, Chocolate with Multicoloured Sprinkles, Coconut, Nuts, Dark Chocolate, and Custard

N.B: If you’re buying doughnuts to eat later, we recommend getting them plain. The fillings and powdered sugar make them dry out and harden faster. When you’re home you can whip out the Jam, Nutella, and whatever else you can think of and make your very own DIY doughnut!

  1. Just found your blog through Kath Eats and I LOVE every bit of it! Runner, mama, fodioe yes, please. That apple butter sounds perfect, so simple and so tempting me to go out and buy some apple juice and a crock pot to make some. The pumpkin donuts recipe sounds so good and I’ve got all the ingredients for that guy!Happy Wednesday!

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